Me and my friend, San, decided we should challenge each other to do something fun and new to us. The rules are that it should be free, safe, and we naturally have the rights to veto what the other person comes up with. Within a week, from Thursday to Thursday, we shall have completed our challenges.

I have sent San on a hunt to:

– Find a trumpet and pose in a picture with said trumpet.
– If at all possible, he shall try to play it.

He had mentioned once that he had never held a trumpet or even seen one up-close. I thought it was a good starter challenge for him, considering the other craziness I have thought up for the upcoming weeks. Let’s see how many crazy things we can get him to do.

Then, it was my turn to receive a challenge. I sort of feel sorry for San since I’m a chicken when it comes to certain things. He probably noticed this after giving about a billion different suggestions for me and I declined to do them. But then he came up with this.

– Draw a comic strip. It has to be six frames minimum. It has to contain a minimum of three characters.

So, here I declare my challenge completed. I call it “In Hardship”

(Click on the picture to see the entire image)